Bamboo Flooring Continues To Rise In Popularity Among Homeowners

Bamboo flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular hardwood flooring choices worldwide because of its style, environmental sustainability, and ability to coordinate with a variety of home decorating schemes.

Bamboo floors are available in a variety of colors and finishes from the natural, buff tones to warm reddish hues and dark chocolate. Modern minimalists will favor the light colored, natural bamboo, which beautifully reflects sunlight, while homeowners who favor classic design will appreciate the sophistication of a dark-colored hardwood floor.

Aside from colors, you can find bamboo hardwood floors with a variety of textures, such as handscraped and distressed bamboo. You can also find bamboo in horizontal and vertical stripes.

Where you live will depend on the type of bamboo floor you can purchase. Those who live in humid climates or places at sea level, like Florida, will have to purchase engineered bamboo.

People who live in climates no prone to rapid fluctuations in humidity, air pressure, and temperature can choose either engineered or solid bamboo. These days you really cant even tell the difference! A key note with engineered though, is that it will offer you more stability because of woods natural tendency to contract and expand with any temperature change at all. Engineered wood wont do that.

Just about every hardwood flooring manufacturer offers bamboo flooring. Some of the industry leaders include BR111, which features an entire line of bamboo floors, including locking bamboo floors. LM Flooring also offers bamboo floors in its Kendall Exotics collection.

Cost-wise, bamboo is very inexpensive compared to other hardwood floors. You can find it for $2.50 per square foot in Johnson Floorings Value Collection, and even $1.50 if you do a search online. Meanwhile species like oak, one of the most popular floor species in America, costs a bit more typically in the $4 and up range.

So if youre looking for a beautiful hardwood floor thats cost-effective, known for its longevity, and available in tons of styles, bamboo may just be the hardwood flooring choice for you.