Icorkfloor.com Cork Underlay

Cork Floors that are certified and tested for quality control are normally made with blinders and formaldehyde-free adhesives. If you are conscious of the environment and wish to keep it green, you should opt for cork floors and other products that are available, as you will find that it is a healthy choice apart from being comfortable, warm and inexpensive.

Prepare the sub floor before laying a cork floor. Most of the reputed dealers will offer easy steps for installation if you check out their online websites. You can undertake the DIY project or hire a professional to do it for you. The sub floor should be cleaned and vacuumed so that there is no trace of dirt or grit before applying the primer. The cork underlay is then glued down and nailed to keep them down securely.

Cork tiles are more difficult to lay and it is recommended that a professional do the undertaking. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturers and always use the adhesive and primer recommended by them for best results.

It is easy to maintain cork flooring. Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove the grit and dust that collects on the surface. If the floor is polyurethane sealed, it can be mopped with a damp cloth. It is important to use furniture coasters (protective pads). It is enough to refresh the cork floor once in three to seven years with a polyurethane finish.

The natural composition of cork provides insulation value and a great sound barrier and is therefore used effectively as an underlayment material. It is cost-effective and provides stress crack protection. It is durable and does not deteriorate easily. It can be safely used under wooden floors, tiles and ceramics to reduce sound in both residential and commercial buildings.
Cork underlay sheets are available in 3mm and 6mm thickness. The sheet are 2 x 3 that are available in cartons of 150 sq. ft. Lay it under hardwood flooring, stone or ceramic tile. The air-pockets that are contained in cork, due to its unique cellular structure, provides a comfortable cushioned effect. The shape is effectively retained while it offers great insulation, as well as enhances the sound barrier.

Cork underlay is not for use as a flooring surface or top layer. Cork is fire-retardant and does not allow liquid or gas to permeate. It prevents vibrations and proves cost-effective when used to save energy. It is in your best interests to use cork underlayment as it does not encourage seepage and is very lightweight. Since the cork oak tree lives for an average of 200 years, it continues to produce bark. Enjoy using an eco-friendly product that due to the suberin substance naturally produced in cork helps to prevent insect infestation.

Contact your nearest online dealer and request for samples if necessary. Take advantage of discounted retail rates offered by the dealer after ensuring that they sell reputed products. Enjoy the various advantages of using cork flooring and cork products.