Still Working on the House

When I told my Dad how much I paid for this place he knew what I was getting into and asked me if I knew as well. Of course this is about half an hour from the city limits and it takes about as long to get to my current job, but that is not so big of a deal since I only go into the office about half of the time. Many days I am on the road all day. Today I have been to Irvine Shutters place, since I have to replace around half of the window shutters on this place. Apparently while the place was vacant someone came along and removed the ones on the back and the side, which coincidentally could not be seen from the road. I assume the guy could have taken his time and I suppose it is a good thing that they did not want anything else. A lot of the time the copper in a house will go missing while it is vacant. Obviously the low price of copper reduces that sort of thing right now.

In fact the place looks a lot worse than it really is, most of it from neglect. The previous owner was an elderly woman who lived alone in a big house on three and a half acres of land for a long time. Then she spent a long period in nursing homes and hospitals while her heirs found it impossible to agree upon what to do with the place. Apparently they were also unwilling or unable to do much to get the place in a condition where it would get a good price on the market. That all worked to my advantage, but it is going to take a long time to get the place right.