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Icorkfloor.com Cork Underlay

Cork Floors that are certified and tested for quality control are normally made with blinders and formaldehyde-free adhesives. If you are conscious of the environment and wish to keep it green, you should opt for cork floors and other products that are available, as you will find that it is a healthy choice apart from being comfortable, warm and inexpensive.

Prepare the sub floor before laying a cork floor. Most of the reputed dealers will offer easy steps for installation if you check out their online websites. You can undertake the DIY project or hire a professional to do it for you. The sub floor should be cleaned and vacuumed so that there is no trace of dirt or grit before applying the primer. The cork underlay is then glued down and nailed to keep them down securely.

Cork tiles are more difficult to lay and it is recommended that a professional do the undertaking. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturers and always use the adhesive and primer recommended by them for best results.

It is easy to maintain cork flooring. Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove the grit and dust that collects on the surface. If the floor is polyurethane sealed, it can be mopped with a damp cloth. It is important to use furniture coasters (protective pads). It is enough to refresh the cork floor once in three to seven years with a polyurethane finish.

The natural composition of cork provides insulation value and a great sound barrier and is therefore used effectively as an underlayment material. It is cost-effective and provides stress crack protection. It is durable and does not deteriorate easily. It can be safely used under wooden floors, tiles and ceramics to reduce sound in both residential and commercial buildings.
Cork underlay sheets are available in 3mm and 6mm thickness. The sheet are 2 x 3 that are available in cartons of 150 sq. ft. Lay it under hardwood flooring, stone or ceramic tile. The air-pockets that are contained in cork, due to its unique cellular structure, provides a comfortable cushioned effect. The shape is effectively retained while it offers great insulation, as well as enhances the sound barrier.

Cork underlay is not for use as a flooring surface or top layer. Cork is fire-retardant and does not allow liquid or gas to permeate. It prevents vibrations and proves cost-effective when used to save energy. It is in your best interests to use cork underlayment as it does not encourage seepage and is very lightweight. Since the cork oak tree lives for an average of 200 years, it continues to produce bark. Enjoy using an eco-friendly product that due to the suberin substance naturally produced in cork helps to prevent insect infestation.

Contact your nearest online dealer and request for samples if necessary. Take advantage of discounted retail rates offered by the dealer after ensuring that they sell reputed products. Enjoy the various advantages of using cork flooring and cork products.

The Magic Of Epoxy Flooring

All of us want the most durable flooring. There is nothing unrealistic in this because a durable floor is required. How would you feel if the floor of your home broke down or got chipped off in places every few years? Not a very pleasant experience, is it? You may need to get the entire flooring done each time this happens and this obviously means cost. Epoxy floors could be the perfect solution for you. Epoxy flooring can last you a lifetime and once the epoxy is applied to your floor it will always be there, protecting the floor material.

Epoxy is a chemical that is procured by curing epoxy resin. Epoxy floors are created by applying multiple layers of this chemical on the floor surface. Here you need to know the difference between an epoxy floor and an epoxy floor coating. If you simply want a single coat of epoxy on the floor that is less than two millimeters thick then it is called as epoxy floor coating. If the coating is more than two millimeters then it is called an epoxy floor. With epoxy flooring you not only make your floor look nice and smooth but also protect it for years. Many of the most durable floors have epoxy applied to them.

Using epoxy is like using a layer of protective coating on the floor surface. The epoxy that is used in flooring is a mixture of the epoxy resin and a hardener. These two are mixed to form a plastic like substance that is extremely rigid and strong. The epoxy in use in floors doesnt degrade easily and it also bonds with the surface perfectly, thus forming a layer of protective cover that can last for years. Epoxy floors are so useful that they are used in even the most demanding environments, heavy industries for example.

Epoxy flooring is not very different from a paint job and thus, you can easily do it at home using very basic tools. To understand how to go about the job you can easily use information from the internet. There is plenty of it available online. However, just keep in mind that the job is time consuming and needs some bit of expertise. You do not want to get started and then find out that you cannot manage it. All the time and money invested would go in waste. And since epoxy floors require the use of chemicals you need to be careful about handling them. A much easier solution is to let an expert handle the job. But if you are a motivated believer in DIY just go ahead. This task is far easier than some other ones.

With proper epoxy flooring you can add a touch of beauty to your floor. Epoxy floors can add aesthetics to your floor and also keep it durable for years. And all you need to do for this is to buy epoxy and apply it on the floor surface. It takes care of the rest.

Install Laminate Flooring Like a Pro.

Calculating Flooring Materials

To calculate how much flooring to buy, all you really need to know is the square footage of the floor in the room you are installing the laminate flooring in. To figure the square footage multiply the length of the room times width. That works well in a sq room but what if the room is not square.

For complicated shapes, divide the room into sections based on simple shapes then measure each separately, write your calculations on a sheet of paper, and add them up. Add 10 percent for waste while installing and to have a few planks left over for future repairs.

Make a list of any new trim pieces and don’t forget transition strips if you need them where the floor covering is different.

Tools you will need

Pry Bar
Carpenter’s level
Large putty knife
Floor scraper
Belt Sander
Jamb Saw
Miter saw
Circular Saw or Table Saw
Jig Saw
Tape Measure
Plastic Putty Knife
Utility Knife
Phillips-head screwdriver
Coping Saw
Combination Square
Nail Set
Claw Hammer
Caulking Gun
Power Miter

Installing your Laminated Floor

There are only two basic types of laminate flooring: square or rectangular tiles, which are usually made to simulate stone or ceramic tile, and plank flooring, which resembles wood. The individual planks or tiles have tongue-and-groove edges that are simply snapped together. The biggest difference between laminate flooring and traditional flooring materials is that laminate flooring is not fastened to the subflooring and allowed to “float” on a layer of underlayment. Quarter-inch expansion gaps at the edges of the floor allow it to expand and contract with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.

Typically, the installation instructions supplied by manufacturers are pretty good — t. But they leave out a lot of the tricks of the trade that make the difference between a substandard installation and a really professional job.


This is where the DIY person needs to have a thorough understanding of Laminated floor installations You’ll have to modify planks to fit around obstacles such as pipes and cabinets. If you’re lucky, you can drill holes in the piece then slip it over the obstacle, but you’re more likely to have to cut it. Whenever you can, remove the object, install flooring under it, and replace it. If you can cut the flooring to fit around the obstacle, always leave a 1/4″ gap for expansion. Fill these gaps with silicone caulk. Caulk keeps moisture out of the core of the planks. It’s especially important in a bathroom or kitchen.

Installing the Transition Strips

The trim pieces are fastened with a metal track. The track comes with the screws you need to install it. Simply cut the track and molding to length, screw the track in place, and press the molding into the track. Press down on the edges to ensure a tight, even fit.

Now that the flooring installation is complete, and the transition trim is added, you’re almost done.

Cut a piece of molding to butt in the corner. Cut the molding you will cope longer than the expanse it will cover – by one molding thickness for each coping joint on it. Cut its end at a 45 angle. With a coping saw, cut the end to fit around the first molding. Follow the line made by the 45 angle cut. Usually on an outside corner the cut will be 46 instead of 45 to compensate for drywall mudding.

Maintaining Your New Laminated Floor.

Laminate flooring is a tough and durable choice for flooring, and usually easy to keep clean. Just sweep or vacuum. Damp mop when needed with a bit of ammonia or vinegar in water. Don’t flood the floor, as this can cause damage.

Some common products – such as soap, floor polish, scouring powder, and steel wool – are not recommended for laminate flooring. They can damage the wear layer, voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Tradesman Services has been providing skilled labor to homeowners and contractors alike since 1995. We specialize in high quality installations by real tradesmen.

Diy Rubber Flooring For Home Gym

If youre tired of going to the fitness gym and love the thought of getting a nice quality exercise in the comfort and convenience of your own home, a home gym can be perfect for you. Home gyms and fitness are really and truly two things that go hand in hand. If you are an exercise enthusiast who is looking for a way to keep yourself toned and fit, then you are definitely going to want to learn more about how you can have a home gym. To start you should first decide on the home gym flooring to use. With the many types of rubber flooring available these days, this could be a tricky task.

To decide which rubber flooring best matches your needs, just follow the four simple steps below:

First, what are your workout goals? Are you searching for a basic fitness gym and want to add a treadmill or elliptical in the side of a bedroom? In this case, all youll need is a foam or rubber mat to put under the fitness equipment for you to guard the floor. If your objective is to make a full fitness room with strength and cardio equipment, youll need to provide a larger area and look at durable rubber flooring such as the ones utilized in commercial fitness gyms.

Next, youll need to make a decision on the look youre trying to get. Is it essential to you if your home fitness gym matches the designs and colors of your home or is it going to be in the side of the basement or garage where functionality is more essential than design? There are rubber flooring choices that range from bright to black colors that could match any dcor.

Now, its time to check the budget. Since theres a range of home gym floor choices, a few rules apply. Normally, the thicker the rubber flooring is and the bolder or brighter the colors are, the more costly it is. Black rubber mats and flooring are the least costly and usually created from recycled materials. Usually, these flooring and mats come 3/8 of inches thick which is a great choice for home fitness gyms.

Last but not the least, you must decide on your installation method. Are you searching for a DIY project or getting a professional installer? For a DIY project, connecting rubber floors are a great choice and could be installed easily and quickly. For rolled gym flooring, it is a bit more complicated and a lot of people choose to have it installed by a professional although an individual with basic skills on home repair could do it as well.

In summary, the rubber flooring in your home gym is the initial step in making a functional and comfortable home fitness area. You have many choices and there is flooring that will match each budget. Take time to learn the pros and cons of every kind of flooring and the result would be a great home gym floor.

Disadvantages Of Epoxy Flooring Be Careful Of What You Wish For

Epoxy flooring and epoxy floor paint is an easy and often affordable way to enhance non-treated concrete in your garage, workshop, shed or commercial setting. However, when choosing to resurface your floor it is important to understand the benefits and disadvantages of your flooring system. Make sure you are getting the best value for money and are installing a product that is durable, long lasting and meets your expectations.

The disadvantages of epoxy flooring

The coveted shine of epoxy flooring only lasts so long. Maintaining a clean and swept floor will help keep it clean but the shine will eventually fade with wear. To keep the shine apply a sealer every 1-2 years, but be aware that it might not always keep well between these coatings.

Epoxy flooring begins to deteriorate quickly. Peeling, blemishing sooner than expected. Epoxy floor paint will wear fast, peeling and blemishing and bubbling may occur immediately or soon after application. Save money on hiring professionals, and time spent shopping around for the best epoxy guarantee. Save yourself the hard work and risks of DIY epoxy and consider the clean, versatile Polyurea finish.

You need to have all cracks and chips of your floor patches before applying epoxy. Epoxy might appear as the first solution to a dull non-treated garage floor, however dirt will still stand out.

Epoxy floorings don’t breathe. Moisture can be trapped beneath the surface. Before applying epoxy flooring or epoxy coating have your concrete tested for a moisture vapour emission rate. If it is too high the epoxy coating can delaminate. Make sure your contractor has a moisture tolerant epoxy system or how they will test for it. Water will pool for days even if the floors is graded properly.

Consider what the area is used for. Some chemicals and automotive fluids will corrode the epoxy coating on the floor and cause blemishes and bubbles.

Be careful when driving or parking on an Epoxy surfaces as the tires may pull up the epoxy flooring. Consider a flooring alternative that will not compromise the durability and functionality of your floor.

A Polyurea Flooring Alternative

Gives you the best of durability and function while maintaining a professional and clean aesthetic.

Polyurea flooring cures rapidly allowing it to be applied all year round in a range of environments in just one day.

Compared to epoxy coatings and urethane coatings, 100% solids polyaspartic polyurea floor coatings are of superior durability and high performance.

Versatility of Polyurea coatings allow for ideal use in garage floors, warehouse, retail and commercial areas, airports, cold store facilities, kennels, laboratories, basements, restrooms, hospitals, water-proof decking and patios.

Resistant to salt, oil, automotive fluids and other contaminants.

Polyurea floor coating is an industrial grade coating has four times the abrasion resistance and durability of epoxy flooring.

It has twice the adhesion and is chemically resistant. With a low water vapour transmission rate Polyurea coatings prevent moisture related damage to the floor coating.

With 95% more flexibility than epoxy flooring, Polyurea floor coatings allow for natural concrete movement that will not crack or peel.

Environmentally friendly, Polyurea coatings are a great alternative for outdoor patios and gardens as well as indoor uses.

High UV resistance means Polyurea flooring finishes won’t yellow or fade over time like many epoxy and urethane surfaces.

Flexico Perth offer showroom quality Polyurea Floor Coatings with Citadel Floors. If you are in Perth and looking to upgrade your concrete floor, Flexico Flooring has the durable, cost effective flooring solutions for you. With a wide range of colours and surfaces, Flexico Perth Polyurea flooring has a beautiful coating and professional quality surface to suit any interior or exterior area of your home or office. Contact Flexico Perth for more information on Citadel Polyurea Flooring Systems.

Keep The Flooring Options Simple

There are many different types of flooring on the market these days, and sometimes it may feel that you’re spoiled for choice. However, when it comes to choosing flooring for everyday domestic needs there are really only two types of flooring that you need to look at in most cases, and these are vinyl flooring and laminate flooring. These two choices will usually give you everything you need in order to make most rooms in your house look presentable and give you some extra benefits into the bargain.

First off, vinyl flooring is one of the best things you can fit in either the kitchen or the bathroom. For a start it can look really good, since there are many different patterns now available in this flooring style, and also the material can be made to look like wood or even ceramic in some cases. Some vinyl floor tiles are now so realistic looking that it can fool someone into thinking that you have actually installed a real wood floor. But the best thing about vinyl is the fact that it is very easy to maintain and to keep clean. This is especially important if you have children, who really do tend to spill things all the time. With a vinyl floor all you need to do in most cases is wipe it with a damp cloth and it comes up looking as good as new.

However, vinyl flooring may not be to everyone’s liking, and when it comes to choosing flooring for somewhere such as the lounge and you want a far more authentic feel to the floor, it is probably worth looking at laminate as a good choice. As with vinyl flooring, there are now a huge number of designs available, many made to replicate some of the classic wood patterns such as oak, chestnut, and mahogany. If you are looking for a light look to your lounge then you can choose something such as pine, but if you have traditional furniture it may be worth while looking at something such as mahogany which will give a far darker look. One of the main suppliers of laminate flooring is DuPont flooring, and simply by looking at the range available from this supplier can often be all that you need.

Many people will think you have to look at a range or flooring styles in order to make your house look good. But as outlined above you really do not need much then laminate flooring or vinyl tiles in order to make a really good design impression as well as having a floor that is easy to maintain and clean. The good thing about these two materials is that they’re also easy to install, and so if you fancy doing a bit of DIY they could be right up your street.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring Milton Keynes

here are several benefits that laminate flooring Milton Keynes has over other traditional hardwood flooring. Of these, the chief advantages are:

Cost effectiveness
Ease of installation

While traditional flooring is quite expensive, laminate flooring Milton Keyes is a more cost effective option. However, lower cost does not impact the quality of flooring Milton Keyes. Laminate flooring Milton Keynes has very high standards of quality that ensures that your flooring stays intact and looks attractive for many years. Laminate flooring Milton Keyes is quite easy to install. Designed using the latest technology, the flooring Milton Keynes requires following a few simple steps for its installation. There are several varieties of glue-less laminate flooring Milton Keyes available in the market that can simply be slot together to install. This makes the laminate flooring Milton Keyes fairly simple to be used by those who prefer the DIY way as well as by professional contractors. When it comes to durability, laminate flooring Milton Keyes last well for up to 15 years and do not require repair or replacement.

All these factors make laminate flooring Milton Keyes a lucrative choice!

installation. There are several varieties of glue-less laminate flooring Milton Keyes available in the market that can simply be slot together to install. This makes the laminate flooring Milton Keyes fairly simple to be used by those who prefer the DIY way as well as by professional contractors. When it comes to durability, laminate flooring Milton Keyes last well for up to 15 years and do not require repair or replacement.

All these factors make laminate flooring Milton Keyes a lucrative choice!

installation. There are several varieties of glue-less laminate flooring Milton Keyes available in the market that can simply be slot together to install. This makes the laminate flooring Milton Keyes fairly simple to be used by those who prefer the DIY way as well as by professional contractors. When it comes to durability, laminate flooring Milton Keyes last well for up to 15 years and do not require repair or replacement.

All these factors make laminate flooring Milton Keyes a lucrative choice!

Get The Best Brushed And Oiled Oak Flooring For Your Home

Many people tend to forget that the floor of a house is as important as the roofing and the walls. People are more worried on the size of the compound and the size of the rooms. They are worried whether these rooms are big enough to accommodate all their belongings. They are more concern on their TV sets and the space to put them. However, when it comes to worrying about the floor coating there are several things to think about.

The type of flooring depends much on the texture and your style. There are different kinds of flooring which you may choose from. Each flooring has a different way of maintaining it. Therefore the treatment you give to your floor will determine its lifespan. Taking good care of the floor will help you save on the maintenance and other costs that might be brought about by not taking care of it.

Whereas other people may risk taking a new kind of flooring, several others would want to stick to oak flooring. If you want your floor to be much beautiful and perverted then go for the real oak flooring. Its texture offers different colours so it is ideal for you if you want something stylish. More importantly, another reason why it is loved by many is that it is durable and long lasting.

Many people believe that oak wood flooring is best used only in places where there is less activity in the house, but with the presence of engineered oak flooring, it can be used anywhere in the house, even in the bathroom. Generally speaking oak wood flooring is just a marvelous way to add worldliness to your house. It is a necessity for anybody who loves exchanging the spirit of the rooms.

Before you decide on the kind of oak flooring you want, you must first understand the different types of oak flooring. Solid oak flooring requires a high level of DIY so you have to look for a qualified fitter to avoid damaging the floor. Most manufacturing companies have installation instructions therefore you have to follow the condition laid down properly.

In the other hand lacquered oak flooring are well furnished therefore cleaning it isn’t much work. The only problem with this type is the scratches but most people regard this as another form of decoration. In the recent past brushed and oiled oak flooring is gaining popularity among many home owners. However, oiling of this floor should be done on a regular basis to maintain its texture.

Restoring Your Natural Stone Flooring

Restoring your natural stone flooring might seem to be a difficult task, but it is something that you can do yourself. Ceramica and Stone have over four generations of expertise in natural stone flooring, and explain why restoring your stone floors is important, and how to go about it yourself.

Why is it Important to Restore Your Stone Flooring?

Natural stone flooring is an elegant addition to any home. With the variety of colours, textures and different types of stone available, natural stone is extremely versatile and can be used in all domestic and commercial applications. After many years of use, it is likely that your stone flooring will need to be restored back to its former lustre. As natural stone is porous, it can be damaged easily by liquids such as cleaning products, and acidic solutions like orange juice or vinegar can damage and stain the surface. High-traffic areas, such as entrance halls, can become significantly worn, dull and lifeless, so restoring your stone flooring is important to maintaining its natural beauty.

How to Restore Your Natural Stone Floor

Restoring your stone floor doesnt have to be expensive. You can restore your stone flooring yourself by following these simple steps:

Preparation. As with any DIY project, preparation is very important. Look over your flooring carefully and note any cracks or stains. Try to clean any stains away with water and a gentle stone cleaner, and gently brush cracks to remove any dirt worn into them. Hoover away any excess dirt.
Restoration. Fill in the cracks using a suitable grout that is the same colour as your natural stone, or as close to the same colour as possible. Press the mixture into the crack without overfilling. Use a damp cloth to clean away any excess grout and leave to set. An abrasive pad can be used with a natural stone cleaner to buff the surface of your natural stone floor to its original state.
Seal. Once your stone floors are restored, you should use a sealant to maintain it and protect it from further spillages and wear and tear.

Restoring your stone flooring can be a DIY project, though we do recommend that you seek professional advice if you are unsure about any part of the process.

At Ceramica and Stone, we can help you find the perfect flooring for your home, and you will also find all the products you need to maintain it. Our Easy Block Stone Sealer has been tested against the leading brands and is superior at preventing stains. We also have Easy Polish Top Dressing to polish your floors to their original elegance and beauty. If you maintain your stone floors with our high-quality products, you will see how low maintenance natural stone flooring is, as it only needs to be polished every 9-12 months.

If you would like to find out more about restoring your natural stone flooring, please call us on 01491 412455. Alternatively, you can contact via email at .

Icorkfloor why Change Over To Cork Flooring

Have you got stone, tile or hard wood flooring in your home? No surprise. For the last century almost every home had one of these types of flooring. But in the last couple of decades advancing technology and new innovations have brought a wider range of materials to homeowners, giving them a variety to choose from for their flooring needs. Newer to the DIY flooring market is a contender who is becoming increasingly more popular. Which one you ask? Cork. Yep, thats right! The wine stopper is now reintroducing its stint as a floor covering.

Wondering what it is about cork flooring that is causing the buzz? There are several reasons. Cork flooring is affordable, durable, easy to maintain and versatile. In addition to all of this, cork flooring is also environmentally friendly, which is something that most other flooring cannot boast of.

Cork is derived from the bark off the cork oak tree. The bark is first peeled off in layers for the production of wine bottle corks. The remaining bark is then pulverized in a machine. Crushed cork nodules are then mixed with a non-toxic adhesive, after which it will be compressed to form a cork tile. These tiles are then used as the base for cork flooring.

The environmentally friendly aspect comes in the fact that no tree is felled. Once the tree is debarked, its left alone to regrow a new skin. Nine to twelve years are allotted to this regeneration before the tree is deemed ready to be harvested again.

The structure of cork is such that it is comprised of tightly packed cells. These cells are filled with air. These air filled chambers give cork flooring some pretty unique properties. One of the properties is insulation against noise and temperature changes. If you drop something heavy on a stone floor, guaranteed you will hear a loud thump.With cork flooring, you wont hear the loud noise as the air in the cells absorbs it. This can be a boon if you happen to be living in an apartment or if you have young hyper-energetic kids.

The air-filled cells also help to keep the temperature in a home at an ambient level. It is a great asset for winter as cork flooring does not transfer cold from the subfloor. As a result you will not need to have the heating set high just to get a room warm enough. This can help to save a considerable amount on your power bills. The opposite is true in summer. Cork does not heat up in sunlight. It remains cooler than wood, stone, tile or carpet. Again, the absorptive (read: insulating) properties take all the heat out of direct sunlight. Even in the height of summer, your floor and therefore your home, will remain a constant, even temperature. No massive swings from day to night time temperatures!

Another beneficial feature of cork is that it is naturally insect resistant so you dont need to worry about damage done by most types of insects. Its the Suberin the natural waxy substance that

These are just a few of the benefits of installing a cork floor, come visit us at Icorkfloor.com and learn more. See why it is a good idea to change over to cork flooring.