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The relevant departments of the Municipal Quality

After years of development, today’s flooring industry has become a mature industry, the entire industry and technology popularization, the cost of production is not high, low barriers to entry, serious homogenization of business caused by the confusion of the flooring industry. At present, the flooring manufacturermore than 2,000 kinds of flooring brands at least 4000. Among them, the sales floor in Chongqing market the brand to over 200. Chongqing wood flooring sales of more than 10 million square meters last year, sales reached 10 billion yuan. the face ofsuch a large market, manufacturers play the green card is the logical thing. “Ding hua said. Outdoor deck

For a variety of corporate standards, Chongqing City Dekor Decoration Materials Co., director of marketing, explained that Guo UNMIL Dekor executive F4 Star standards from Japan, the Japan Wood Products Association certification system, the average formaldehyde emission should be less than or equal to 0.3 mg / l, less than the national mandatory standard, and F4 Star detection more scientific and accurate. “Dekor upgrade environmental standards of the floor, the strategy developed by the company is faced with a market of homogeneous competition. The implementation of environmental standards in the F4 star, quickly opened the distance between competitors.” Guo said UNMIL.

Small Chinese believe that the standard content to simply launch from the manufacturers point of view, the emergence of these standards should be affirmed, it is said that the flooring business continues to pursue a higher standard. “At present, consumers are most concerned about is the wooden floor of the environmental issues, so well-known enterprises consciously increase the safety standards reflected in the line, is the sense of responsibility. Increase market demand for environmentally friendly, will inevitably lead to some small businesses, environmental standards low companies to withdraw from the market for the flooring industry as a whole, the market will be more pure. “Ding hua said.

The person in charge of a well-known brands floor Chongqing Wang told reporters that the formaldehyde emission in wood flooring is to determine the important factors for reference of the flooring is environmentally friendly. Good the finished product to control the formaldehyde emission, bonding glue used to control production, but also to control the process of a good plate of repression, the process is quite complex. Therefore, to produce healthy wood flooring must be valuable to several hundred million dollars of production line equipment and fine chemical process, a simple and rough production technology and small-scale production line equipment is difficult to produce a small amount of formaldehyde emission quality floor. outdoor floor

Ding Hua, secretary general of the Association of the flooring industry, from the survey data, the current per square meter laminate flooring cost about $ 70, plus the costs of logistics, labor, stores, etc., the cost per square meter should be not less than 80 million. In addition to the promotional period, some kind of laminate flooring for a long time lower than this price, product quality is worrying.

The relevant departments of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau official told reporters, laminate flooring as required, to the appropriate parts of the product tag manufacturer name, product name, model, trademark, production date and product category, grade, specification, which must be marked to writeformaldehyde emission whether the E0 level, or E1 level. If the product is marked with E0 or E1 standard, but also express terms of environmental protection (such as the European standard), consumers may use this as evidence to the relevant departments to be tested does not match the standard data products and manufacturers express, is suspected of manufacturers fraud.

In the market, the reporter saw, such as Power Dekor and other well-known brand on the product packaging clearly marked national standard for formaldehyde emission, some of which also express to reach the enterprise standard. And some smaller brands on environmental standards intentionally vague concept, not the SD compliance with national E0 or E1 standard, simply use the term “qualified products” instead.Wooden flooring manufacturers