Tips For Upgrading A Bathroom With A Tall Vanity Mirror And Other Stylish Fixtures

A bathroom can be so much more than a cramped, utilitarian space. Even small bathrooms can be designed to convey a sense of tranquility and luxury, like a private spa where a person can indulge in relaxing self-care. It’s the little touches that can make all the difference in ambiance, say design experts. When upgrading your bathroom, consider the following fixtures.

The Sink

A popular upgrade these days is to replace a traditional stand-alone or cabinet sink with a bowl that rests above the cabinet. A bowl sink has an elegant and slightly old-fashioned look, calling to mind an antique wash bowl and pitcher. Note that the cabinet should be lower than usual in order for the sink to be at a convenient height.


Bathroom lighting should be soft. Instead of an overhead light, use task lights on each side of the mirror. Wall sconces or lamps diffuse harsh light. Accent lighting can illuminate art or other decorative features and enhance their beauty.


Bathroom mirrors are not only essential tools, but they can also enhance the overall look and feel of a bathroom. One thing to consider is using multiple mirrors rather than a single vanity mirror. Adding mirrors to more than one wall can make a small room appear more spacious and bright. In a small bathroom with little free wall space, a tall mirror over the sink can add height to the room.

The Shower

The shower has taken over the bathtub as the preferred place for bathing, and nowadays shower-only bathrooms are increasingly common. One of the most popular and practical shower upgrades is the curb-less, roll-in bathtub. Not only does this feature look elegant, but it is also a great benefit to anyone who has limited mobility. Other luxurious upgrades include a shower bench and a full-body shower system that can really make the bathroom feel like a spa vacation.

Electrical Outlets

A little detail that can really add a lot to the appearance of a bathroom is removing electrical outlets from sight. Unfortunately this isn’t a simple DIY fix but requires the expertise of an electrician. However, hiding an outlet on the side of a cabinet can really improve the overall look of the room.